After Birth

After your baby is (babies are) born, it is perfectly normal to seek help as you learn how to feed your baby. Breastfeeding IS a LEARNED skill. Consider contacting me if:

You feel pain in your breasts or nipples, dread your baby feeding from the breast, have undergone breast surgery, are feeding multiples, want to breastfeed an adopted baby, want to exclusively pump, want to restart breastfeeding after you stopped, need to go back to work, want to wean, or simply need reassurance.

Your baby is (babies are) not attaching to the breast consistently, not satisfied after feedings, persistently feeding, feeding for prolonged periods of time, losing too much weight, gaining weight too slowly, needing supplementation after breastfeeding, crying frequently, premature, or has/have special needs.

During a consultation or a class I can provide evidence-based advice, emotional support, and hands-on assistance. I can check your baby’s weight with a digital scale to assess your baby’s growth AND how much your baby drinks from the breast.

I offer the following options:

Consultations in your home

Consultations in my office
Upper West Side

Semi-private group clinics
Upper West Side,
Friday afternoons

Pediatrics Associates office in Brooklyn
(for their clients only)
Thursday mornings

Contact me to schedule an appointment for a home visit or register for the office and group options